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WineAnticsLIVE talks beer Key from OBSBeers.com

Forget the Punch & Pie, We have Beer!

Some clubs promise punch & pie, the Open Bottle Society has BEER!

“BEER is what we have in common! What’s your BEER story? Make it happen at www.obsbeers.com


Tonight, I was joined by Stub at Cork Envy to talk with Key at Open Bottle Society about the border between wine lovers and beer aficionados. If you missed the live stream, here’s SOME of what you missed:

  1. What’s in the Bottle (or Can or Jug)?

We never have a dry show, so let me tell you about our drinks! I had a bottle of Adroit Brewery’s White Noise IPA. Stub cracked open a can of Bell’s Brewery Hopslam Ale to start, forewarning us that he was going to switch it up later. He kept to his word and followed up with a Port City BreweryPorter, which he poured straight out of a jug.

2. It’s Almost Here!

As the deadline for the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship February wine club shipment looms, we reminded everyone that 50% the $99 crate from World’s Best Wine Clubs helps wine writers attend the Wine Bloggers Conference. The third wine in the February shipment is the Tlo Wines 2012 GSM, which is a Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvédre blend. This mix is often called a red Rhone blend. Which obviously led to the tangent of Stub’s parody video “All About the Rhone”:


Have you heard Stub sing? Well, here’s your chance!

3. But Does He Unlock Anything?

One of the best things about Key is his belief that wine and beer go hand in hand, and that he thinks Stub and I are hot. He got his start working as a butcher, but got so many questions about wine pairings that he took a retail job at a wine warehouse. He was drawn to the beer section, because helping people choose brews came naturally to him.

4. Put the Kids to Bed 

If naughty thoughts could have a picture, this would be it! LOL

One aspect of the Open Bottle Society show that Key loves mixing the information with comedy, and the more adult the better. Stub admitted that his delicate sensibilities had to be fortified when watching OBS videos, lol! Key told him not to be nervous, then took a swig of beer and announced that it tasted like kissing Stub! Our audience was very entertained by this across all the social media platforms.

5. Everyone Loves Food

Key told us that the OBS paints a picture of the beers they review like no other, and one of the techniques they use is describing the beer like food. If, for example, they describe a beer as tasting like the chocolate you’d find in a mole sauce from Spain, that will go further in inspiring a viewer to try it. Another technique they use is to recommend trying a variety of beers, not just a few — this gives people a better chance to find something they’ll love.

6. Give That Man a Palate Award

Key shared the secret to his success: a nearly indestructible palate. He told us that he’s tasted about 20 beers, a wine, and a whiskey in a sitting without having to cleanse his palate. He also informed us that it’s easier to fatigue your palate with beer because the oils from the hops build a saturation block on your taste buds. #KnowledgeBomb

7. It’s All About the Lolz

Thanks for the great meme @TheBottleKeeper — Photo credit to The Bottle Keeper

Since comedy is one of the hallmarks of the OBS videos, Key does his best to come up with fresh takes on what could otherwise quickly become boring and stuffy. As far as he knows, the OBS is the only comedy-beer review act out there. He also added that there weren’t too many other humorous, tattooed, chocolate-caramel goodness types out there, which is a win.

8. A Bromance is Born

As Stub was switching beers, Key was roasting him left and right. He only stopped once Stub poured the dark porter into his mug, and Stub sang the praises of Port City Colossal Two Strong Smokey Porter. He described it as drinking “beautifully liquefied bacon fat with smoky chocolate,” and Key announced that he also likes bacon fat — a match made in heaven.

9. How to Create a Beer Society

You probably don’t want to know what they’re going to do with those cherries! lol

Key advised us that you can’t forget the human element when you do a show. Putting in the effort to read all the comments from viewers goes a long way in making a connection with the people who watch the show. He also tries to steer clear of politics, race, and religion, because those topics tend to raise barriers, which is not something you want in a humorous beer review show.

  1. The Full Monty

There was no way I was going to let Key go without asking about his craziest moment on Periscope, and he didn’t disappoint. In his own words, he got “full-blown naked” and proceeded to dance around with the “meats free.” After this description, Stub decided to add more porter to his mug. May the beer be with you!

Don’t miss the whole Wine Antics LIVE show every #ThirstyThursday, 9 PM EST on Facebook and on Periscope! This Thursday (February 2nd) we have the fabulous @MiaVossOnTheGo!

Mia (in the middle) can be found in her natural habitat, among other #winelovers! 🙂


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