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Voyage from the Garage

OBS Beers would like to invite you to join us on our inaugural launch into the world of Nano Brewing. This is our “Voyage from the Garage” and small batch brewing to our first barrel system.

A little about how this started, Key a masterful private chef with the ability to concoct the most imaginative brews, and Frank the rock, stability and level-headed personality met on Periscope. Frank watched as Key’s charming broadcasting persona drew in more and more unlikely and unsuspecting viewers. Frank contacted Key, and the two brilliant minds started creating. Out of Franks kitchen, with enough equipment to make a small batch of beer (under Fifty 12 oz bottles) these two men have brewed several great beers individually and together. They have much more to create and plenty more to imagine.

What has brought us to this next level of brewing? The 48 Hour Scope! With the money that was raised during the broadcast and beforehand, OBS Beers has attained a new brewing system along with a fermentation chamber (provided by Brew Rebellion). These latest changes are launching us into the next level of brewing. Again, we are welcoming you to come and join us for this new beginning for us. On October 21st 2017, live on Periscope, Twitch and at our OBS location.