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Mikkeller Brewing & 3 Floyds Brewing Co. – Blå Spøgelse

Mikkeller\3Floyds – Blå Spøgelse ABV 7.7% Once again Key and Frank bring us the blood of a virgin… Meaning this beer is Redder then red. Blueberries and Raspberries probably give it an intense look as well as giving it a captivating smell. @capt_spaulding (periscope) provided this sour. This beer is an eye closing, lip puckering and yeasty beer. -Whispers from ...

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City Brewing Company – E40 40oz

City Brewing Co. – E40 ABV10% Key and Kelly remind us why E40 should stick to music. He brings to us a beer that smells like a malty beer with slightly sweet notes. This “ghettotastic” beer brings the corner store beer with metallic taste. Good for Turning up. -Whispers from the suds JMS-

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