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The OBS Support

Open Bottle Society is a company that is crowd funded, this means it relies on generous contributors and partners. On this page, we give you various options of contribution. All donations and contributions are for the company and the company alone. In no way, shape or form does any contribution fall into the pockets of the founders; All of the contributions are for the development of advertisement, planning and advancement of the obsbeers.com live reviews and Open Bottle Society Brewery. We will never turn down any contribution from our followers, friends or family. Open Bottle Society, as a collective group is reaching for the stars, with a full glass of beer and a heart full of hope.



The smallest donation goes a long way to build our community and promote the unity and common experience of the brew.  Operating costs donations will support our promotion, giveaways, travel to breweries, postage, cellular data to Periscope our activities, and general $$$$ expenses that help build this amazing community of friends and family.  We are going above and beyond to achieve what has never been done before in social media and the craft beer world. Show your support for the community, donate what you can, because we need YOU to continue this journey.

Beer is what we have in common.  What’s YOUR BEER story?