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Dreams to Reality Campaign

Dreams to Reality Campaign

When: June 3-4, 2017 live on Periscope when the OBS with a big assist from REV Brewing embarks on the Dreams to Reality campaign.

Goal: Our goal is to raise 25K.  The 25k raised would help with the purchase of equipment needed to begin beer production.  It may sound like a lot but to reach that goal we only need 75 people to pledge $350.  A pledge at that level would get you in the beer for life program (click here for details).

Location of Event: Rev Brewing –  1580 W San Bernardino Rd Suite H, Covina, CA 91722 (MAP!!)

Why: What does it take to make a dream come true? Dedication? Passion? Focus? All of that and more; but those things will only take you so far if you don’t have the means. By now, you all know that my dream is to open a brewery and the past couple of years I have put my dedication, passion and focus on display for you all and now it’s time for the next phase.

Funding can be elusive; it is the oft spoke of “X-factor” in both the success and failure of many ventures. We are fortunate to have access to both the traditional and not so traditional paths to funding. Of course you need a solid business plan and the help of a financial institution or generous benefactors and maybe a touch of luck, or you need a group of people who share your dedication, passion and focus to believe in you and your dream enough to help. Crowdfunding is not new (ever heard of Crafthaus Brewing Company, Cards Against Humanity, Fidget Cube or Oculus VR?), but in true OBS tradition, we will put a new spin on it.

In the vein of old school telethons, classic variety shows and grass roots events, we will be broadcasting live with 48 hours of non-stop entertainment.

We have always been supported by our very loyal core audience and we are truly grateful for that.  You have all helped to greatly improve the OBSbeers.com experience and we could not have gotten this far without you.  Now it’s time to hustle to the finish line. 

The nearest airport for Covina is Ontario (ONT). LAX is too far!!

Place to stay: Vanllee – for immediate reservation: 1.626.915.3441

5.1miles away (map





Food Vendors



Schedule Saturday June 3rd


Noon – 5pm (PST): Dj Bltrn

730pm – 830pm (PST): Shock!

*9:30pm – 10:30pm (PST): DJ King Jones – Party King Mix 
*10:30pm – 11:38pm (PST): DJ King Jones – ReggAe Dancehall King Mix Pt2
*11:38pm – 1:38am (PST): DJ King Jones – Hip Hop R&B King Mix
*1:38am – 2:56am (PST): DJ King Jones – Classic Rock King Mix Pt 1 
*2:56am – 8:00am (PST): Chill Lover Radio   Random Play
*Late Night Music Provided by ChillLoverRadio.net
TuneIn app Mobile Link: http://tun.in/sflNG

Food Vendors : 3941 Tamales

 Sunday June 4th


3-315pm – 4-415pm (PST): Breakaway

6pm – 10pm (PST): DJ Chyld

*10pm – 8am (PST): Chill Lover Radio

*Late Night Music Provided by ChillLoverRadio.net
TuneIn app Mobile Link: http://tun.in/sflNG

Food Vendors :