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Boulevard Brewing Co. – Funky Pumpkin

Boulevard Brewing Co. Funky Pumpkim ABV 5.8% Hosts Key and Stakn review a beer provided @Lock_an_Load(periscope.) Sours are an aquired taste so drinker beware. A sour pumpkin pie slice smell with a mild matching taste. Not too agressive, but good all together.  -Whispers from the suds JMS-

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The Brown Eyed Brewing Co. – Coconuts over Bessie’s popped Cherries

The Brown Eyed Brewing Co. – Coconuts over Bessie’s Popped Cherries   Hosts of 2 Andy’s and a beer bring us the review for Coconuts Over Bessie’s Popped Cherries. This is Brown Eyed Brewing’s second beer created. From the effervescent color to the flavorful coconut taste. It is not a beer to be missed.   EVEN MORE REVIEWS 

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Brew Master Andy Sutfin from Brew Rebellion

Brew Master Andy Sutfin   Obs Host Key and The Frank interview Andy Sutfin from Brew Rebellion. Asking questions about how they got started and getting advice for new brewers. It is a view into the mind of a masterful brewer.  

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Getting intimate with Key of ObsBeers.com

Cookie Valentine interviews host Key to give us a more in-depth look at OBS and how it came to be. From his humble beginnings to dealing with snobbish beer critics Key shows what Open Bottle Society is all about; Family, friends, beer, and shenanigans. -Whispers from the suds JMS-  

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