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About Open Bottle Society a.k.a THE OBS

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 How it started: The founder of OBS wanted to create a “Midnight Society” of beer drinkers who dressed up and gathered to share a bottle or can of their choice. In October 2014, the founder of OBS shared a beer with a friend. This friend spewed the beer, then two had a heated debate over the beers qualities. Culminating in a brilliant idea. Why not film all reactions, discussions, and beer related antics? That my friends is how The Open Bottle Society began.

What makes us different from other beer sharing groups: We are real people, who have one important thing in common; We love beer.  What makes us different?  We are serious about beer, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We share, learn and laugh…a lot.

Why join us: OBS is a group with diverse palates and everyone is always welcome; it doesn’t matter if your favorite is Bud Light or Samuel Adams Utopias, OBS wants to share it with you!


    • NAME: Key
    • PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION: Brew Rebellion, Rev Brewery/Winery, Great Basin
    • HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, NV
  • BEER GAME: Since 2013

BIO: –CLICK FOR INTERVIEW–  A Las Vegas native, a Jack of many trades and master of most. Home brewer is the title he is currently working on. As a private chef he has the ability to distinguish between tastes, and the imagination to try crazy concoctions. A crude humor and great sense of family completes this man’s great personality. Instead of belittling viewers with his knowledge, he answers and justifies all questions. Key personally acknowledges as many viewers and comments as he can(he never misses a beat.)He reminds you that the best beer… is always an open one!

  • NAME: Big Rich
  • PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION: Brew Rebellion, Great Basin
  • HOMETOWN: Ortonville, MI
  • BEER GAME: Since 2016

BIO: A Michigan native, is relatively new to the craft beer scene. But in the typical “Big Rich” fashion, he is all in! Once Rich was turned onto craft beer, he knew he HAD to get in the game. While still a “work in progress”, Rich has hit home brewing full steam ahead. Always excited to share the fruits of his labor, Rich aspires to make beer so delectable that those who are fortunate enough to try it are willing to “Smack Their Momma” to get their hands on the next brew. Looking to be part of something bigger, Rich was fortunate to team up with Open Bottle Society in 2017. Excited to up his game, Rich is down to brew anytime, anywhere.