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Welcome to the place where everyone gets a chance to express the way they feel about  The OBS and obsbeers.com. Let us know why you love us, what you learned or how we have helped you one way or another. Beer is what we have in common! 


Awesome and informative!  

Key is a wonderful teacher who is wicked knowledgeable about beers, and beyond witty. He and his website are an excellent resource for everyone to use, from the beer-curious to brew masters. I can't wait to try some of the beers he comes up with and see where his brewery goes!

Cain Fusil    Las Vegas    Website   

Key makes you feel like family and is very knowledgeable in the world of beer!

JB    Louisiana   
The best  

I absolutely enjoy obs beers key your the best love everything you do always enjoy watching you on scope just the best of the best ☺

Alejandro    Whittier ca   

Testimonial *I love being party of this group. Key is very knowledgeable.

Name *Francine   
It's a Brew Rebellion!  

Being a home brewer, I was initially attracted to the OBS Beer Reviews on Periscope to learn how to improve my beer palate. But when I experienced the quirky "adult" humor of one Kilan "Key" Smith & the camaraderie of the BottleSquad, I was hooked. I now watch as often as possible, I joined the BottleSquad, my palate has improved, I've met Key, Paul (and Toby in person at a recent road trip to Brew Rebellion (my new favorite of all time!), and I've even contributed my professional talents to the beer reviews intro here on the OBS site.

Uncle_Joe    Long Beach, CA    Website   

Obs is real cool n key is a awesome guy he's very nice he breaks it down to us bout craft beer that's awesome

Mikey    Chicago   
The place for craft beer reviews and knowledge  

I was fortunate to find OBS while cruising Periscope channels. I thought I knew a lot about beer because I knew an IPA from a stout but there is so much OBS has taught me. I now know there are many more kinds of beer and variants of those types with more ingredients than the mind could conjure. I've even learned to appreciate the mainstream beers more for the care that they put in brewing.

OBS is more than beer, it's family. Beer is what we have in common and we all have a beer story. What's yours?

Sean    Las Vegas   

Obs beer's has the Best beer reviews and the finest DJ's Dj CHYLD is so gorgeous been watching the scope's for about two year's now it's great learning more about all the best beer's and they alot of great platforms

Art Flores    Pomona   
I'm hooked!!!  

I stumbled upon Key and the gang one night and never looked back. I get a lot of information on new beers. Questions are always knowledgeably answered. I've actually been inspired to start brewing! Keep up the great work key! Hope to see you on TV some day!

Bash512    Austin,Tx   
Knowledge is power  

Been watching the show for a while now and this guy really knows his shit. He's always entertaining and interactive. He has so much knowledge to share I learn something new every time. Great guy. Great show.

Carebare54    Hawaii   
The force is strong with this one...  

Key is a man that really loves beer! And he loves to share that love of beer with others. It shows with how hard and non stop he works on his youtube channel. Can't wait to catch up during beer fest season.

Johnathan    Las vegas    Website   
Thank you Key  

Thank you for doing what you do. Open bottle society helped me be a better beer connoisseur. And has giving me a more open mind when it comes to craft beer. Keep up the great work.

Gregory    Southern California   

I've been watching OBS For A While Now I've Learned Alot About Different Types Of Beers Met Very Cool People Like Key , Frank, Spidey And many more what I liked the most is seeing how many different types of beer there is And How Key And Frank And Spidey Take time to Explain Each beer Also Answer questions Viewers may have... OBS FAMILY #1

Juan Martinez    Los Angeles   

Obs beer's has the Best beer reviews and the finest DJ's Dj CHYLD is so gorgeous been watching the scope's for about two year's now it's great learning more about all the best beer's and they alot of great platforms

Art Flores    Pomona   

Crass? Sure. Loud? Usually. Outright obnoxious? Oh yeah. But more than anything, absolutely REAL!

The beer scene is very interesting, it's grown greatly and in a way it has established itself into a very serious, very respectable entity. I love that, I support it in every way, but we must never forget what brought us here originally. Shooting the shit with your friends and sharing some brews. So regardless of what path you've chosen in this world, remember that for every Ross, there's always a Phoebe, and OBS is the modafoken PHOEBS of the beer world.

Good Times.

Andy    Las Vegas    Website   
A great community  

OBSBeers is an absolutely amazing community. I have met some truly incredible people and gained lots of knowledge. OBS is a great place to be! Thank you to Key, Frank, and everyone else!!

Davis    Ohio   

Obs beers has the best BEER REVIEWS and one of the finest DJ's been watching the scope's for about 2years now like learning more about all the different types of beer's and every platform there on

Danny    Pomona   
Key doing an awesome job!  

I enjoy the show and everything that you bring to it. All the knowledge that is dropped is freaking amazing. Plus the beer... So many! All primo beers too!

Kyle    Gallup, NM    Website   
OBS Family  

Great knowledge of all type of different beers. Always welcome anyone to join and learn about craft beers. Aloha !

Wailer    Hawaii   
Cheesy-ness Below...  

This is the place I come when I have all the craziness of the world bogged down on me. When watching OBS I can distract myself from the nonsense going on in life. This is the place where the massive rebel in you can come out. To me, OBS has been a carefree environment. It doesn’t care what anyone thinks and refuses to conform to society's standards. OBS is People being real after all the joking is put aside you can tell where their passion is. Beer is their passion. When the reviews are given I feel like I'm actually tasting the beer. Makes me excited to try beer, and venture out from my "disgusting Plum Loco wine".
More than just beer reviews OBS comes together when you are feeling lonely in a world full of people and in need of something or a someone who makes you feel at home.

Galen    New Mexico   

Obs beer's has the Best beer reviews and the finest DJ's Dj CHYLD is so gorgeous been watching the scope's for about two year's now it's great learning more about all the best beer's and they alot of great platforms

Art Flores    Pomona   
Best Show On Beer  

Key and his many guests are very knowledgeable about beers and how to best describe them. Keep up the good work guys. J.P.

J.P.    Albuquerque   
99 problems but a beer ain't one ????  

OBSBEERS is the best web based beer critic I've seen. Not only do all involved give knowledgeable 4 and critiques, but they appropriately yet intimately interact with their followers. They create an atmosphere that is inviting as well as guide you into an exploration of fine tastes.
I don't look at beer the same as I once did as KEY & OBSBEERS have made the thought of ales, beers, etc. fascinating and exciting... Thanks for everything you do.
Your loyal follower,
Nina aka @dahonestypolicy

dahonestypolicy    Roanoke, Virginia    Website   
Worth every minute !!!!  

I remember when Key first started this show and I helped it. It was some of the funnest times ever !! This show is full of beer and knowledge about it , it's funny and amusing too!!

Warren    Las Vegas   
Family forever  

Obs means a lot to me. Everyone is so welcoming and positive. No matter what your going through in life key and obs family is always there for you no matter what. I am happy to be apart of the family! Great reviews as well on beer.

Sean    Ohio   
Cool people and nice beer  

These people are the nicest people and down to earth crew you will ever meet in your life . They will give you all the reviews that you need with out hesitation. They answer all of your questions without attitude...no bs personality and my homey Key treats you like family OBS for life

Manny    SAN diego   
Beer god  

No matter how long ive been gone or how short i stay there is always something new and fun to leran from the obs . Key has been my main man when first discovered him. And has always kept me in the loop about new beer and what is going on in the brewery world. He's and the obs crew have helped me keep my interest in alcohol alive while I cant try them right now . I really appreciate how also they make everyone feel welcome.

Selasi Quashie    Periscope   
OBS Success  

I discovered OBS and Mr. Key while on periscope, I stopped by and started listening to him share with the world about his business and what he loves and have passion for. Mr. Key's energy and positive vibes keeps me coming back on a daily basis. I encourage others to join myself and Mr. Key's on his journey and let's all enjoy this man as he builds his brand. OBSBEERS, Got the KEYES to success

Cason    Charlotte North Carolina   
Great show  

Testimonial * A great show and great reviews key is a cool guy and does great beer reviews

Pitbull beermaster    Website   

Key is very entertaining love watching the videos. He makes me want to learn more about beer.

Ayana Jones    Albuquerque   
Key is the Beer God  

Key has a good thing going here. Very knowledgeable and determined to make his venture here succeed. Great pod cast and his periscope shows are something you have to be a part of. I'm not a big beer drinker myself but he's has pushed me in the right direction for me to broaden my appeal. Thx brotha. Wish you all the luck.

Myk    Las Vegas   
Beautiful surprise  

I stumbled upon OBS Beers on periscope by accident but Key and the squad have had my attention ever since. All of them bring their own personalities and humor that make for an interesting show. I'm not a beer drinker but they have opened me up to a new world of possibilities. Aside from the shenanigans they are vastly knowledgeable and do their research.

Nicole (lovelyladycole)    MEMPHIS   
Pure Entertainment and Beer Education  

The host of this show and the website is pure entertainment. Key also has great beer knowledge that he graciously shares with anyone who wants to learn. He treats his viewers like family and cares about how they feel and enjoys getting to know them.

DRENHOLZ    Indianapolis, IN   
Mission Statement & Reviews  

I really love the unbiased opinions of key and company. I had a chance to sit down and talk to key about his feelings towards different beers. He was the best host and treated me with respect.

Jensen Carino    Las Vegas   
Opened taste buds  

I love everything about the show and the people. It has opened up my taste buds to new beers that I would have never even thought about trying if not for the website and the show.
Thanks Key and everyone involved.

Obs beers periscope  

Hey guys love all your periscopes including the ones featuring the sexy Dj Chyld or as i always address her Your Highness from Pancake keep up the good work guys

Pancake    UK   
Beer & Family!  

Beer, comedy, humor and family...what more could you ask for? Obsbeers.com doesn't only bring you the best beer reviews, Key is very welcoming and open hearted, he makes everyone feel like family by dedicating his time in educating his viewers with vast beer knowledge and giving us entertainment

Sue    South Africa   
My feelings twords key and frank 🙂  

Testimonial *"Don't Stop Believin'"

Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere
Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere

A singer in a smokey room
The smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on, and on, and on

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
Streetlight people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hidin' somewhere in the night

Workin' hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on, and on, and on

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
Streetlight people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hidin' somewhere in the night

[Instrumental interlude]

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlight people
Don't stop believin'
Hold on
Streetlight people
Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlight people

Ariel    Vegas baby   
A good of random  

I actually came across OBS society while looking through random periscopes. I was like hmmm... Whats this??? The wall of brews, the tattooed badass, the interaction, the REALNESS! Key is a hella cool.guy became a fan because of him. His guest are just as cool. His show puts some real color to the reviews. Really brings life to the beers ha Definitely a cool show to check out!

George Lopez    Santa Ana, CA   
WOW.....A new look every time ????????????????????????l  

I am absolutly thrilled with the things I can do on this website....not only can I see if the OBS is on Periscope, but I can comment on videos and give a testimonial about it here, in these testimonials.......COOL STUFF OBS !!!!!!!! 🎤 DROP

Nothing but love  

I was so happy to see them on periscope becasue they gave me so much information about the beers I was drinking and the beers that I have not tried yet. I can now walk into most brewleries and keep a conversation with very knowledgeable people becasue of OBS beers. Thank you guys. Keep it coming!

Jon Hoffman    Springfield,MO   

Awesome one of the best persons I met in 2016 KEEEEEY!

chris    phx, az   

Obsbeers is amazing very entertaining and I would recommend it to a lot of people when you're having a bad day and you need to smile or just to pick me up they will do it and they also give you lots of good information about beers in the host and cohost are really great

Chrissie Neronde    California   
OBS is a constant presence in the Vegas Beer Community!  

From day one OBS and their members have made it a point to be a presence within the Vegas Beer Community. Their passion for beer is one which they wear with pride everywhere they go and they effortlessly share their knowledge, experiences and insight with their audience in a manner which is both entertaining and informative.

Keep up the great work!

Ashlie Randolph    Las Vegas    Website   
Beer is the new wine  

I am new to OBS but I have been so impressed by this society. I am impressed by the people involved, the new respect I have gained for the complexities of beer, and the creative ability and palate you have to have as a brewer to make an amazing beer. I wanted to write this testimonial to say, thank you to Key and his Beer 4 Life family for opening my eyes and helping to fine tune my taste buds for beer!

Sweet Stuff   
And the journey continues  

Thanks to the OBS crew.....once again I wasn't steered wrong....new Belgium cherry ale is wonderful....thank you for recommending veriaty paks.

Name *janice    NW Florida   
I love Open Bottle Society 110%  

I love Open Bottle Society, Key and his crew are truely amazing. On the beer reviews, I learn so much and I get insight on what is going on. I don't drink but it's good to get knowledge in beers. I always check to see if a beer review is on, I get excited in an odd way haha. I just think Open Bottle Society is so awesome, I'm so glad to be a fan of something so wonderful.
Sincerely- Michy Tri. Xoxo

Michy    Forest Grove, OR    Website   
Simply the best  

OBSBeers is absolutely the most entertaining beer review show in the world. I never thought watching a beer review show could be so entertaining, but it is. And I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Jason Stewart    NJ    Website   
Misfit finds a home  

What the Open Bottle Society has done for me is beyond words. I started testing craft beers a few weeks before finding OBS and my experiences were below par. Once finding OBS and listening to Key, Frank, and the others of OBS it opened my eyes on what I was doing wrong. The knowledge I have gained in my very short journey is amazing and I look forward to continuing my journey with the OBS family. This is more than just a group or website it's a family with a mission to make the world of craft beers enjoyable. I can't thank the OBS family enough for accepting me and helping me in my journey.

Name *Clay    Alabama   
Great people  

OBS is a great family. Key is awesome and very knowledgeable. All of their guests are fun to watch. Wish I could participate more

Gary Rebout    Chicago   
May the beer be with you  

I was lucky to stubble across this beer channel on periscope one day, when i first came in i didn't know anything about craft beer but key was ok with that he told me if i wanted to learn to go to obsbeers.com and come back for another review on periscope well since than i have been a frequent viewer and have learned lots from him and the website and now have been accepted into the #bottlesquad family and even had the pleasure of meeting key.

Julian Berdeguez    From California   
Best products ever  

Obs beers has the best merchandise and products and contests ever I like there stuff.

Jesus Mitchell    St Albans   
Key and OBSBeers....What could be better!  

I just love Key and the OBSbeers Periscope and website, it's amazing to me the sheer dedication that Key has put into OBSbeers, watching Key and friends on scope makes me feel like I'm right there with them...enjoying the many beers they review....and I cannot forget about the craziness that is 'shenanigans'...just love it.

And of course there is the main man himself Key...he makes me laugh ....and he thought me a lot about beers that I have never known before.....he just seems like a great guy....Key's like family...love Key!

Kim Marie 07    Chicago, Il   
one best places to hang out and chill and unwind  

hey all this one best places to chill and unwind after long day at work or what your doing key knows his beers and also his guest are having helpfull cool and down to earth and have skills about the beer world. everyone come join in this obsbeers.com thank you.

smokes    pa    Website   
The Fam  

beer is what we have in common, but the interaction of friendship and family obs offer, is what makes you want to stay. The beer reviews , the beer knowledge, and great people is what makes obs different from all the rest, they keep you informed on different styles of beer while giving you that one on one interaction helping you find your beer style. They're my fam and source of beer information and I'm glad to know them

Michael L or justlight_mike    Los Angeles, CA   
OBS Family  

OBS is truly a family. Each and every individual has their own unique story. WWW.OBSbeers.com is where we all can share our opinions, learn about different beers and stay connected with the rest of the OBS family. Key dedicates A lot of his personal time into this site making it better and better all the time...... So from one family member to another Thank You Key for all your hard work!!!

Shubie    Las Vegas, NV   

Key is an awesome host for OBS, and his passion for beer reviews are amazing. I have known Key for a while and he is full of information on different types of beer and their different formulas. The OBS team is so much fun, very laid back and full of information. Just scroll in Periscope one day and found his scope. So glad I stopped in! Awesome team with an awesome host! Keep doing what you do Key! 😘

Tiffany    Ohio   
OBS for life  

I love OBS Beers and Key is such a great, awesome guy!! It's a great company and a great family to be a part of!

J.T.    Salt Lake City, Utah    Website   
Educational and fun  

Key brings a new perspective with new informative ways to teach about beer from smell to taste and even how a beer looks he does it in a way thats also entertaining though his humor and resources i have learned more about beer then i ever have and most importantly he makes us all feel equally important and loved like we are truly family

Chris_is_me    Houston   
From Above to Earth with BottleSquad  

Hello how are you my name is David aka moyamoyakamoya & the first time I found about Obsbeers was when a very good friend of mine talked to me about at school:) His name is Marcelo & he is from New York City. So he usually scopes around let's say.. nights! Like right before he heads to sleep. But like everyday I saw him at school during my break I would always hear him talk to his phone like "Are you crazy man?" Hahaha Because I was like "Yeah this guys totally gone crazy now.. so he's talking to his phone like it's his girlfriend of something" hahahaha. Like everyday! He always mentioning a person named "Key" that he was the coolest guy he always met in his entire life to be really honest ya know, he always said to me: "Dude you have to download periscope to your phone, like ASAP! Join obsbeers, email Key your interested & join his scopes to intersect him & with the obsbeers family. I saw that he really loved the show:)

Sadly he passed away a few days ago:( His words were: "David, you better show your love for me for obsbeers!, whether I'm in heaven I'll still watch obsbeers from up here in the clouds or sitting on my couch." Hahaha ahh how I miss him:(

And he didn't have any friends to be honest, his only friends were on periscope on Obsbeers & me:(

He was a very good friend, he was very respectful.

Thank you for the amazing episodes you always give, I know that our friend will watch your shows up in heaven. Amen!

Thank you,
Have a great day.

David Moreno    California    Website   

Great information from an average consumer, and guests. Truthful and honest opinions, broken down for easy comprehension. Awesome personalities, yet still very informational.

Liddy    Cali   
OBS Fam  

I first found OBS through the app Periscope, where Key would have nightly shows of beer reviews and bartime shenanigans. I loved his “no holds bar” personality and humor right away because it was a nice way for me to unwind after a long day of stressful college work and exams. However, OBS ended up becoming so much more than a funny show for me, it became a tight knit family. I connected with Key and all the other viewers in the room who equally enjoyed the show just as much as me, to which I can honestly still call mostly everyone I’ve met, to date, family. Everyone including Key was there throughout my pregnancy journey with my son, all the way up to as of currently of him being a 14 month old baby. I keep coming back because I enjoy interacting with everyone and all the laughs and fun we share amongst each other, and I’ve actually learned more about beer in the process. I’m very grateful for this show and will continue to show my support because Key and OBS Fam have always shown nothing but love for my son, boyfriend, and I.

Lupita    Arizona   

Describes, not just the feeling I get from sipping on a great beer, but the beer reviews I watch from this website or YouTube ....with each review I'm noticing not just the words coming out of the crews mouth but the entire review...from the intro to the altro and everything in between .....

These beer review videos are just that.......FRESH, CRISP, SMOOTH...which makes me want to CHILL with a brew in my hand and watch every one...

I notice the progression between then and now....it's an amazing thing 😃😃

A Big Thanks to,


Keep doing whatcha do....😊😃
BEER is what we have in common 🤗


Beer With A Side of Humor  

Just a fun place to come learn and share...great personalities and welcoming to all!

Kween Kismet   
Love obs  

I started watching the show last year and I can say I love it I know more about beer now then I have ever had key is a great guy he always has good people on the show all the time makes my night before I go to bed the the laughs the fun and the best part is the merchandise that he has love it I sport my OBS SHIRT WHEN GOING TO A Brewery

Debrajo    Thornton    Website   

Great beer fam! #bottlesquad ...It's been forever and I haven't really been on periscope much lately but always an entertaining show. Love how everyone in the fam is welcoming, supportive and funny as hell! Keep doing what you're doing, Key 🙂

M    PNW   
One Big Beer Family  

Even through a really bad season, Key was there just like family! And that is what OBS is: family!

Cynthia    FROM CALIFORNIA    Website   

Where do I begin? First time I seen Key was on PERISCOPE and ever since then he has always made me feel welcomed. Someone get him some toilet paper because HE is the SHIT.!!!!! His broadcast is always entertaining, never dull. Just wanted to show my boy some love G. REPO_808

Love watching OBS  

Love watching obs love the beer reviews I have learned a lot about beers from watching obs . Key is a very hard worker he give a 10000% of his time to obs and key and obs is like family to me thank you to key and obs .

Gina    Virginia    Website   
Im a beerfanatic and his reviews are spot on  

I love watching key live, his show is very funny and can take a turn for the weird sometimes. I was so happy to get the chance to be on his show and i had a blast. Since i love beer, its nice to go to a website and see such a wide variety of reviews that are dead on for taste and complexity. For anyone thats learning to get into beers this is the guy for you.

Jasmine    OCEANSIDE    Website   
The best beer reviews  

Just wanted to say that Open Bottle Society is the number #1 beer reviewers and they are very knowledgeable on different beers and beer related stuff and because of them I started looking around for different and unique beera so if you like have a great time and havin fun please watch their videos and explore their site

Edward    Riverside California   
The fing best  

Obs beers helps me look like the man when i order craft beer now. Thanks all keep up the great work and ill be back soon

obskrimzon    compton nv   
Time of Your Life  

I consider myself lucky to stumble across this scope. It's allowed me to further my interest in beer and brewing as well as share that with an audience and hopefully teach a few things. It also gave me a great friend and partner in Key. Beer is what we have in common and this is one of my beer stories!

The Frank    Jersey baby!   
Beers and buddies  

Never a dull moment here. Always welcoming. Best place to come have a beer and get educated at the same time. Who said you can't learn while drinking a cold one. Thanks Key.


It's always a fun & easy going time when I watch the scopes! Super awesome. Bless up.

Toni Chanel    Jamaica   
Way more than just beer....  

Key and the gang are supportive and funny and just a little bit crazy, like any family. OBS is one of the most welcoming and accepting places anywhere. If you can learn about beer and have fun while doing it, that's a total win.... ❤️

Boots    NJ    Website   
swallow some beer!  

great society to be in. watch reviews, share some beers, horse around and enjoy great company.

ponso    vegas   

Key is like your grandmother he welcomes everyone to his house with open arms. The first day I joined one of the OBS scope Key made me fell right at home delving into a ton of great beer information answered every question I had in good spirit. That day I joined OBS and Key sent me an email with his personal phone number and basically said if you ever have anything you need to talk about or questions fell free to call or text anytime and I knew that he meant it.

Marshall    Portland   
Good vibes.  

I stumbled across OBS and became hooked. I'm an avid craft beer trader and collector. I thought I knew a lot about beer. Key shared his knowledge and allowed me to share mine. Other members of OBS have also taught me a lot. The beer reviews are great as well, for anyone new to beer or anyone who loves beer. OBS has grown from a small community of beer lovers to a big family. You want to learn about beer or just talk about beer? This is the place.

Shane    California   

Obs beer's has the Best beer reviews and the finest DJ's Dj CHYLD is so gorgeous been watching the scope's for about two year's now it's great learning more about all the best beer's and they alot of great platforms

Art Flores    Pomona   
Obs beers periscope  

Hey guys at obs love your periscopes especially the ones featuring DJ chyld or Your Highness as i adress her
Signed Pancake

Paul Grinbergs    Earl Shilton   
Not 4 the faint of ❤️'S  

If you want honest beer reviews,
If you want CRAZY , HILARIOUS comedy
If you want an atmosphere of unity
If you want to let your hair down and be a GOOF
If you want to FORGET your day (even if it is for a brief moment)


NOTE: This is a drama free environment. Comedy could be offensive to some. If you can't handle KEEPING IT REAL, this isn't the channel for you.....



Janice    NW, Florida   
Fan of OBS  

I recommend everyone check out Open Bottle Society. These guys really know what they are doing. The way they break down from the appearance, smell and taste of different beers is AMAZING. I wasn't a beer drinker until these guys open my eyes to the different beers that are out on the market. If you really not a beer drinker or think all beers taste the same...You may want to speak with these guys. I am completely convinced that OBS will be around for a long time and may have a brewery open near you at the rate their going. I will never look at beer the same. Keep doing what your thing OBS! I love what you guys are doing. You always have my support!

Anthony Jones    Jacksonville, FL   
Awesome sauce  

Absolutely love the show, bringing beer tasting to a whole new sociable level! Great laugh and info on the brewskis in one

Nicky    Vegas   
The best beer reviews  

Just wanted to say that Open Bottle Society is the number #1 beer reviewers and they are very knowledgeable on different beers and beer related stuff and because of them I started looking around for different and unique beera so if you like have a great time and havin fun please watch their videos and explore their site

Edward    Riverside California   
Beer Laughs Family  

Always keeps me laughing & smiling even on some of my darkest days. Here you are family & treated as such. I didn't know anything about beer before & now I have a growing knowledge of beer. Love obsbeers! Key is Amazing! ^_^

Christy    Jonesboro, Ar   
Obs beers is the beat  

Since ive met obs i have learned alot about beer that i never knew like pairing beers with food, the different styles of beers, i have also made alot of new friends. They also take the time to make sure they give each and everyone they full attention so noone feels left out almost like a tutor which noone else does they also make us feel like family which means alot love them.

Statuz    Pennsylvania   
They know their stuff!!  

Keys of obsBeers knows his beers! If you want straight no chaser talk and the Gods honest review of most popular beers I strongly recommend you check em' out!

Desmond    nyc    Website   

From the first show, to the most recent... It is a pure beer review. Nothing about it is sponsored or gimmick-y. With a variety of hosts and special guest, you could never leave a video without some form of entertainment; whether it be knowledge or funny jokes.
Every video is worth a watch...
And THIS community of beer lovers draws you in.
Not only do the hosts do a good job with variety and vast knowledge of beer but those who watch on periscope and other media forms welcome all new watchers with open arms and open beers.

Your beer story matters here.

Beer is what we have in common...  

I stumbled across OBSBeers.com and Key via periscope one day when I was looking for some good entertainment and beer education. The awesome family connection and interaction with Key are highly respected in his outlook for OBS.

This is a great place to broaden your horizons on craft beer.

Name *Brett Boschetto    Utah   
Inquisitive And Informative  

Being a beginner in the craft beer scene, I am able to not only learn and get my questions answered in a way I can understand; more over, find a beer with low ABV with flavor profiles that I know are palatable to my sense of taste. Outstanding tool I can use while shopping for my next great beer adventure.

Janice    Florida, USA    Website   
Why I appreciate Kilan and OBS  

I'm so glad I got to meet Kilan. The reason I like to watch his reviews and stay involved in the happenings of OBS is because he has an inclusive mentality! He accepts all people for who they are, he puts differences aside and helps us realize how we are all very much alike, for instance, we all like to feel good!

Corben Harris    Greensboro    Website   

Found you on Periscope just scrolling down a couple months ago think you guys are great and hilarious really don't drink craft beers but you have made me interested in trying more craft beers

afgeegee    California   

I love that I always leave in a better mood then what I came in to scope. The questions I have get answers. I learn all kinds of new things about beer all different kinds of beer. Key is a awesome beer reviewer!!

Felicia    Oklahoma   

I want to say thank you! Key and all y'all have been an awesome group! I have tried many beers I wouldn't have even thought about trying...and it's all to y'alls reviews! Keep it up!!!!

Buck    Yuba City, CA   
I miss the old wall  

In the world of social media it is hard to find anyone or anything to be genuine. Not the case with Key or OBS. Key and The Bottlesquad create an environment that transcends the screen barrier. You get the feeling that you're enjoying a drink with friends and family. Open Bottle Society is not just about beer but about the relationships and interacations that can occur over one. Weird people are the best people. Have you seen Key? Nuff said.

King    Ohio   
Key keep up the good work  

Key I love what your doing. I love beer and I enjoy learning more about beer in your website and in periscope. Keep it up. Fan for life

MassAppeal_NYC    Mount Vernon NY   
Key the man  


Name *don bonner    Northern Ireland   
Awesome job!  

love these guys, esp my boy Key! Extremely informative, wonderful personalities & the best beer show I've ever known!!!
Keep up the good work, you guys rock!

Donna-Marie Jones    Scotland   

Key and his guests introduced me to a world of Beer that I had never known about. While keeping it light and hilarious, the message that comes across is a professionalism and passion for all things beer related. I strongly recommend before you choose your next beer, Hit up OBS because Chance are good they can school you as to what you'll really love!

Erin Black Irish    Las Vegas   

Obs beers has shown me how to find the perfect drink for myself. I have learned what to look for and what to avoid. The cast members are always positive and fun to watch and interact with. I always find myself having a great time when watching key and the crew. I'm so happy that I came across this amazing group of people. Keep doing what you do OBS fam!!

Bethy    Southern California   
Entertainment Of Beers  

Over all best periscope channel I like to visit frequent and learn more about beers, can't wait to stop by and have a cold ☝🏽 with 🔑. I'm in the sweeter side of the beers but can't wait to see what 🔑 has in stored for me when i do get the chance to stop by.

stakn_lv    Las Vegas   
Title of TestimonialLove these guys  

Testimonial *
Best Periscopers ever, I hope someday that I can send them some GOOD AUSSIE BEERS

Name *Chrispy Chream    Where are you from Melbourne, Australia   
Show Full of Assholes  

Don't let the tittle fool you, although it's a show full of assholes it's that same feeling being around long time friends talking trash but still having each other's backs. I've been around since this first kicked off back in September of 2015. For someone like me who is somewhat of a beer snob I've learn some new interesting things that I didn't know about craft beer. I had the pleasure of meeting Key back in December and took him some beers from Texas and was also able to experience some brews that I couldn't get back home live on Periscope. It was a great time that went too fast. If you have a weak stomach this may not be the place for you but if you have an open mind and sense of humor check this guy out. "Beer is what we have in common, What's your Beer Story" The slogan that brought perfect strangers together to become great friends! Keep up the good work that started it all, don't ever fall off track. Always keep your eye one the prize my friend!

G    Tx   
Obs beers periscope  

Hey all at OBS i love your reviews and other stuff on periscope especially the ones featuring the very sexy Dj Chyld or to adress her properly Your Highness

Paul Grinbergs    UK