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Open Bottle Talk podcast: Ep 07

Open Bottle Talk Episode #7
Hosts Key and Kelley gives us a bit of a toned-down review of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer. They throw a few bitches around, and their witty banter is brought to us by Damn Right You Better Listen to What Iā€™m Saying (not a real company.) We find ourselves with another creative and entertaining beer review.
-Whispers from the suds JMS-

1. Reeds Inc. – Stronger Ginger Brew
2. Abita Brewing Co. – Purple Haze ABV 4.75%
3. Bundaburger ā€“ Root Beer
4. Pyramid Breweries – Robust Porter ABV 6.0%
5. Woodchuck Brewery ā€“ Pear Cider ABV 4.0%

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