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Ninkasi Brewing Co – Easy Way IPA

Ninkasi Brewing Co. – Easy Way IPA ABV 4.7% Host Key brings us a review of another Ninkasi beer, this time it’s the Easy Way IPA. It is a subtle smelling beer, hints of lemon soap and pine. Creamy texture and slightly tangy to taste. Enjoy! Whispers from the Suds JMS

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Ninkasi – Velocihoptor

Ninkasi – Velocihoptor Abv 8.4% IBU 88 Hosts Key and Frank try a Doubles IPA from Nikasi R&D. They explain to us why it is T-Rex is always angry. From beginning to end this beer should be called “Deceivasaurus.” Looks like an Irish Red, smells Malty and Earthy, and the taste is Creamy, sweet, with an aggressive dryness on the ...

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