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Beer News

New Daniel Island business promises family-friendly dining, music, brewery

The restaurant will open with dinner service only, adding lunch and brunch service at a later date. Guests can expect dishes created from local ingredients in state-of-the-art kitchen facilities that feature a live-fire grill, smoker, rotisserie, and wood-burning oven. With the only brewery on Daniel Island, … Powered by WPeMatico

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Controversy brewing over Amgen tour course through Long Beach

But there’s already controversy brewing. This year’s Amgen race starts on Mother’s Day Sunday — what amounts to restaurateurs’ Super Bowl, according to John Sangmeister, managing partner of Gladstone’s at Rainbow Harbor. And, he said, it appears the race would close Shoreline Drive for much of … Powered by WPeMatico

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Brewpub Events Request

Interested in hosting your event at the Empire Brewpub in downtown Syracuse? We’d love to have you! Interested in hosting your event at the Empire Brewpub? We’d love to have you! Name*. First Last. Phone*. Email*. What kind of event is this?*. Event date*. Event time*. : HH. MM. AM, PM. Powered by WPeMatico

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My Holidays: Mike Neilson

We landed in San Fran and saw all the sights, hired a car, visited a few breweries along the way up to Sierra Nevada in Chico. Once I ticked off the bucket-list breweries, my parents flew into LA and we spoiled the kids for the next two weeks, taking them to Disneyland. And the worst? I don’t think I’ve had … ...

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Barley no longer an afterthought in beer flavor

“We started this project with a question: Are there novel flavors in barley that carry through malting and brewing and into beer? This is a revolutionary idea in the brewing world. We found that the answer is yes,” Hayes said. “These positive beer flavor attributes provide new opportunities for brewers and … Powered by WPeMatico

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Dogfish Head Is Making a Flaming Lips Collaboration Beer

“Their art is a full-on otherworldly sensory experience and we strive to create that same intense sensational experience for craft beer drinkers in the development of our liquid art. Our brewer has been obsessed with music since the day we opened. And we have enjoyed every opportunity to weave … Powered by WPeMatico

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