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Abita Brewing Co. – Strawberry Harvest

Abita Brewing Co. – Strawberry Harvest: ABV 4.20% Hosts Key and Phill review the Strawberry harvest from Abita, starting from the smell it is strawberries is artificial, strawberries found in candies. The taste is a different story, the taste more of a natural over ripe strawberry… so over all STRAWBERRY!!!! Enjoy! -Whispers from the Suds JMS-

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Abita Brewing Co. – Turbodog

Abita Brewing Co. – TurboDog: ABV 5.6% Hosts Key and Alysha bring us a review of TurboDog from Abita, the smell being sweet maybe a bit of chocolate, with hints of brown and toffee. The taste is mixture of tootsie roll soaked in beer and toffee, and it is one of the first beer from Abita that Key actually liked, ...

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Abita Brewing Co. – Andygator

Abita Brewing Co. – Andygator: ABV 8.0% Hosts Mark and Patrick bring us a review of Andygator from Abita. Smells of a common blonde ale smell, with hints of spice, nothing too intense. The taste, is not surprising very similar to the smell, bitter and just like any other simple Abita beer. Enjoy! -Whispers from the Suds JMS-

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Abita Brewing Co. – Lemon Wheat

Abita Brewing Co. – Lemon Wheat: ABV 4.4% Hosts Erin and Sprinkles have a review of Lemon Wheat from Abita for us. The smell is warm citrus, almost orange and grapefruit combo, the taste has a bit of boozey kick but this is what Bed Bath and Beyond would taste like if it was a beer. Enjoy! -Whispers from the ...

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3 Beers w/ Forsaken T&C Vol2!

3 Beers with Forsaken Toys and Collectable Dogfishhead Brewery- Miles Davis Bitches Brew ABV 9.0% New Belgium- Fat Tire Amber Ale ABV 5.2% Abita Brewing Co. p Bourbon Street Imperial Stout ABV 10% Host Key is joined By Sean and Chanon, for a review of 3 beers. Miles Davis Bitches Brew smells of burnt charcoal, coffee and a bit of ...

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